Augmented Reality

Virtual Gallery on the Web

VR Gallery is a web based virtual museum prototype I worked on during quarantine time! It’s built with A-Frame & viewable on Oculus quest, Magic Leap, desktop & mobile browsers! Currently the gallery has 3 rooms and features beautiful photos from unsplash(@usgs, @nypl, @Europeanaeu ), 3D models from Sketchfab and videos from mixkit. More galleries…

Concept for augmented sketchbook + moodboard

When I was attending RC, I worked on a visual mood boarding tool called Zaha . This concept combines that kind of digital mood boarding with actual sketches from a sketchbook

Scenesquare: Powerpoint for AR

This was my submission for Magic Leap app grant. Even though it didn’t get picked sill working on it for the next round! It’s a Spatial presentation creation tool (aka Powerpoint for Augmented Reality!)

AR Subway Card/Map

A conceptual study that overlays a full subway map when you scan the NYC subway card.

1911 vs 2019 NYC

This is 1911 vs 2019 NYC Flatiron District juxtaposed using Augmented Reality. One of the cool things that excites me about AR is overlaying historical content over current day cities and seeing the two together – a sort of Multiverse but for historical content!

Addis Augmented

Using Augmented Reality and 360 degree photography, Addis Augmented explores and documents historical, architectural and urban artifacts in the city of Addis Ababa. Addis Augmented was exhibited at Design Week Addis in February 2019

Augimg- Augmentable Images

Downloads at Augimg is a series of calendars and wallpapers that are augmentable using Snapchat!

Van Gogh’s Room

A portal in a room allows you to step inside Van Gogh’s room 

Man on the Moon

Cudi’s album cover for Man on The Moon is used as a marker for an Augmented Reality lens. Created using Snap Lens Studio. 


This is an ongoing project where I am learning / prototyping Augmented Reality experience using the Recurse Center logo as a marker You can find the Github link here