RC week #1

A whole week has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center! Here is what has transpired so far.

Day 1

  • Met my batch mates!
  • Orientation was really helpful. Got to know more about the inner workings of RC.
  • I love the space! It is a perfect combination of communal and shared spaces.
  • In my application to RC, I wrote about how the program and the space reminds me a lot of the Architecture studio and it’s paradigm as a space for collective learning environment. After spending a day at RC I have confirmed that assumption. (I plan to blog about the just the architectural space of RC at some point)
  • All in all, the beautiful space/studio together with clear social rules and use of online social network tools like Zulip and Community, RC makes for a fascinating social and spacial experiment on how to learn and grow together.

Day 2

  • Last week, I had started working on a simple vector graphics editor based on this awesome library called PaperJS.
  • I called my project Mies – after one of my favorite architect! Mies Van der Rohe
  • Today I added some features to it (move and color tool ) to Mies. I am having fun working on this project!

Day 3

  • While working on Mies I came across a concept I had no idea about called the Scene Graph.
  • Decided to take advantage of RC’s collection of books and picked up a book by Edward Angel, Interactive Computer Graphics. 
  • This book immediately got me interested in Computer Graphics in general as opposed to just learning about the Scene Graph.
  • So I’ve decided that one my goals for April is to understand the basics of Computer Graphics from the bottom up.
  • This also marks the first time in a loooong time that I read a physical book for a sustained period of time. Completely had forgotten how enjoyable it is.

Day 4

  • Continued to work on Mies.
  • Read more of Interactive Computer Graphics. I am planning to blog about it soon
  • Attended my first RC presentations. Got to see awesome projects / ideas from current recursers.

Day 5

Week # 1 is already over!