RC week #2

A whole one two weeks has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center!

Day 8

  • This week my plan was to learn all I can about React/Redux.
  • I have also started to watch a udemy course on Data Structures and Algorithm in JavaScript
  • I also sketched an idea for a visual todo app that I will make after learning React. A todo app is a very common project for learning React but I’m trying make it more of a visual app.

Day 9

  • Today continued to learn about React via a udemy course. I watched a really informative ‘bird’s eye view’ introduction of what React is all about by Pete Hunt. It gave me a really good grasp of what Components are all about, why there is a React Virtual DOM, the need for JSX and core design decisions about React. I blogged my notes on the video here

Day 10

  • I continued to do more React tutorials. So…many…tutorials. But every time i get tired of doing the tutorials I tell myself that as a beginner, anytime spent coding and learning something new is a win.
  • I attended and presented at RC’s first JS/Webstack topic of the week organized by Paul Morris. It was fun trying to communicate what I’ve learned so far about React to others. I’m also trying to get better at presenting so this was really helpful.
  • Paul presented his experience with Lunar, which I hope to try in one of my projects later on.

Day 11

  • While doing yet again more React stuff I got sidetracked and ended up delving deep into the Redux world!
  • It was a nice break from the world of components to containers..reducers..action creators..actions..and much much buzz words

Day 12

  • Was feeling really tired so decided to just casually work on JavaScript algorithms and data structures.