RC week #4

A whole Week1 Week2 Week3 four weeks has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center!

Ok. Here is what happened on the fourth week.

Day 22

  • I started working on  a chrome extension.
  • The idea I have so far is to make an extension that allows me to email myself a link of the current tab that I’m on.
  • I paired with Carolina. We worked on editing each other’s RC jobs profile page, which was really helpful.

Day 23

  • I got sidetracked and started working on a blog idea that I had for a while. I love learning from really awesome videos like this one on Git by Mary Rose Cook.
  • It’s going to be a simple video blog that curates awesome videos like Mary’s. (open to suggestions!)
  • I continued to watch a udemy course on data structures and algorithms.

Day 24

  • I resumed working on my chrome extension. I’m finding out that sending an email from an extension requires a lot of intermediary steps.
  • First we have register an application on google’s console to get a client id and set up OAuth. Then I found out that OAuth doesn’t actually work the same way in the context of a chrome extension. So I started looking at Chrome’s API, which has the chrome.identity functionality to authenticate a user. That’s where I am currently.
  • I attended JS/Webstack topic of the week where I presented what I learned so far about chrome extension.
  • I will post a blog about chrome extensions by the end of the week.

Day 25

  • Attended my first RC Job fair.
  • Although I feel like I’m not ready yet to apply to jobs I still had some good conversations with some of the companies.
  • I especially liked Mapbox, because i love maps! and Teachers Pay Teachers, because it’s a great idea and mission!

Day 26

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