RC week #6

A whole Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 six weeks has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center! This is week six of RC, but since we our batch has a two week break this is technically week 8.

Ok. Here is what happened on the sixth week.

Day 36

  • Paired with Carolina on a chrome extension. Initially I had been working on a small email extension and had been stuck at making the gmail oauth work because of a known issue.
  • Carolina came up with an idea to circumvent that issue by using the much more simpler direct “mailto:” gmail link.
  • The finished extension is here: Toyo: Chrome extension to email yourself links

Day 37

  • Started sketching out an idea for the next project.
  • So far at RC, I have been working on a lot of small projects to allow me to code a lot without worrying much about the importance of the project.
  • I think this really worked out for me. In the past 5 weeks I got to work on a variety of projects that taught me a variety things about web development concepts (apis, promises, html canvas, web workers, ajax, DOM manipulation, chrome api, local storage…)
  • However, for the next 6 weeks I am going to switch gears and try to work on one or two bigger projects.
  • So far the the idea that I have is to work with three.js and React to create some kind of online 3d model viewer.
  • I will blog about the progress here.

Day 38

  • Setting up a Javascript Development Environment is a well documented (potentially) painful process.
  • Of course there is the magical CreateReactApp but that is not helpful at all if you are trying to learn how to setup your environment.
  • Thankfully, I found this repo and have been learning a lot from it.

Day 39

  • Last day for Spring 1’s!! Said my goodbyes 🙁
  • I also selfishly realize that this means I am already halfway through my batch!! That. was. fast.

Day 40

  • I didn’t go RC today.
  • I’m taking advantage of the two week break and travel to the motherland! (Ethiopia). Super excited to not looking at code for two weeks!

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