RC week #7

A whole Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6 seven weeks has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center!

Ok. Here is what happened on the seventh week.

Day 43

  • First day for summer 1’s. More awesome recursers to learn from, interact with and pair on awesome things.
  • Participated in a panel sharing my experience about accountability and structure together with Saul and Sean.
  • It was a bit surreal because six weeks ago I was in the receiving end of the same panel. I hope I was helpful.

Day 44

  • I haven’t been good at consistently blogging about my algorithm and data structure adventures so caught up on that today.
  • I plan to blog about that this whole week
  • Finished and posted Stacks

Day 45

Day 46

  • Worked on a bunch of miscellaneous non-RC/programming stuff.

Day 47

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