Rem: Live video emojifier




  • Rem is a silly/fun tool that takes your webcam video feed and redraws it on an HTML canvas using emojis as pixels!
  • Why? I really like Sam Jacob’s Emojipolis work and wanted to see if I can do something similar but with video.
  • I used the p5js library to capture the video and redraw it live on the canvas after scaling down the original feed.
  • At any point you can decide to download either a photo or record a gif of your emojified video.
  • This project is made at the Recurse Center , where I am currently learning programming.
  • I called the project Rem after this architect.

Concepts learned:

  • Promises – in order to handle getting access to a user’s webcam video.
  • Web worker – in order to record the canvas frame and render the gif in the background using gifJS.
  • P5JS – an amazing library to handle drawing on the canvas.
  • More HTML, CSS and Javascript as always.