Vauxhall Transit Hub

Vauxhall train station, located across the iconic MI6 building in south east London, is the intersection point of multiple transit nodes. The design thus proposes to organize and make legible these disorganized nodes of transportation. In addition, generous public spaces and commercial corridors are embedded within the organizing scheme.

The specific language used to articulate the design is a result of a precedent study done through the redrawing of CIAC (a housing complex designed by FAT) in the style of modernist painter Theo van Doesburg. Out of that study, typological elements are extracted and disassociated from their context and function. The elements are then used in a game of ‘re-mixing’ in order to uncover unexpected compositions. These composition units become the building block of the transit hub that creates a frame around the various transit nodes.

Tamrat_FAT (7) Tamrat_FAT (6) Tamrat_FAT (5) Tamrat_FAT (4)Tamrat_FAT (11)

Tamrat_FAT (10)

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