Culinary Institute

A Culinary Institute requires an active environment for the exploration and preparation of food. In order to do that, Culinary schools employ a process known as T.A.A.T, which stands for taste, analyze, adjust and taste again. The design proposal adopts and fosters this procedural practice by mirroring the building’s dynamic context, in which the gridded condition of the city is cut across by the imposing Benjamin Franklin bridge.

The iterative process of tasting, analyzing and adjusting the food translates into three types of kitchen spaces that are organized around an atrium space, which facilitates a dynamic interaction at each level of the process. The atrium space becomes the central hub of the institute. Students, instructors and visitors gather around the center while a dynamic process of preparing, analyzing and appreciating food unfolds all around them. The circulation also holds a larger connection to the building’s context by orienting its axis towards the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

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