RC week #5

A whole Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 five weeks has passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center!

Ok. Here is what happened on the fifth week.

Day 29

  • The whole day was spent thinking about how to spend the whole day. Until I saw a tweet.
  • I thought the tweet was really clever and decided to make something that allows you to do a similar thing.
  • Called it Jomnify. And worked on it for the rest of the day.

Day 30

  • Finished up Jomnify. Its live here! For a randomly inspired, one day worth of work, I am very happy with the result.
  • I blogged what I learned about Chrome extensions here: Basic of a Chrome extension.
  • I also went to my first Yoga session! Sadly, I have been avoiding any sort of physical exercise besides walking. But I decided I have no excuses left as there is a yoga studio literally next door to RC.

Day 31

  • After watching a lot of amazing RC Thursday presentations, I decided to do one myself.
  • I talked to Iain about presenting my Jomnify project and he helped me figure out a storyboard for the presentation
  • I attended AJ‘s intermediate git, where I learned awesome git features like git rebase, reflog, squashing and patch mode.(I plan to blog about this next week)
  • I also talked to Nancy, from RC’s jobs team. We talked about my general experience at RC so far, what I have been  working on and how to slowly start the dreaded job searching process.

Day 32

  • I worked on the slides for my presentation and reviewed it one last time with Iain.
  • I have experience with giving presentations ( from my architecture days ) but I was really nervous since I had never presented on my code before.
  • Thankfully, the presentation went well. People laughed at my jokes (always a good sign) and gave me compliments afterwards!
  • I attended RC’s second job fair. I had a good conversation with dropbox and Opendoor.

Day 33

  • This is becoming routine but I was exhausted from the week so I didn’t go to RC.
  • It was gorgeous outside. So I walked around my Bedstuy neighborhood, got coffee at my favorite coffee shop (Le Paris Dakar) and worked from there on a bunch of random shit.

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